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Your neighbor asks “So what is this PLATO thing you go to?” Do you find yourself stumbling through an explanation? You’re not alone. The Communication Committee found that members were wanting a concise and easy description of PLATO that would help them explain its benefits to friends and acquaintances.

There already are a number of formal descriptions of PLATO, including a comprehensive mission statement, but our goal was to give you a short, compelling sentence (see Descriptor below) to express your experience with PLATO and its offerings.

So whether you show someone the PLATO Logo that spells out our full name or share the Descriptor sentence below, be sure to add what PLATO has meant to you -- courses, lectures, plays, tours, meet-ups with colleagues -- however PLATO helps spark your love of learning.

Our Logo:


Our Descriptor:

PLATO is a community of intellectually curious adults, typically 50 and over,
which explores subjects of interest through member-led discussion groups, lectures, travel and cultural activities.

Today PLATO has about 1,400 members.  That's an impressive number of individuals who value how PLATO enriches their lives.  Imagine how many additional people could join and enjoy the PLATO community if they were aware of it and understood its potential.  Please tell your friends about PLATO and share the experience!

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