The Agora, Vol. 5, Is Now Accepting Submissions.

  • February 01, 2017
  • 12:00 AM
  • PLATO Office, 21 N. Park St, 7th Floor, 53715
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The Agora:  An Invitation

For ancient Greeks, the center of social activity was the agora, a lively marketplace where people came not only to buy and sell goods, but also to exchange news and ideas.  In that same spirit, The Agora is PLATO‚Äôs literary and arts journal, created by and published for PLATO members for the exchange of creative ideas through original works of poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and pictorial and photographic art. 


The Editorial Board of The Agora invites you to submit your creative work for consideration for publication in Volume 5 of The Agora, to be published in the fall of 2017. Submissions are due by February 1st, 2017 .  The Agora is a juried publication, and selections will be announced in March, 2017.


Perhaps you write prose, on your own or in connection with a PLATO class.  Perhaps you try your hand at poetry.  Perhaps you are an artist, accomplished or beginning.  Wherever your creativity takes you, we encourage you to consider submitting your work for possible inclusion in The Agora, Volume 5.


Guidelines for submission are attached (pdf), and also can be found on the PLATO website, (click on Publications/Agora).  Also on the website are copies of Volumes 1-4, which you may enjoy reading for a sense of previous submissions.  Questions about submitting may be directed to Patricia Becker,, 833-5799.


The Agora Editorial Board looks forward to receiving for consideration the creative work of many fellow PLATO members. We invite you to be among them.  

The Agora Editorial Board:  Managing Editor:  Patricia Becker

Lewis Bosworth              Rose Ann Findlen            Aleta Murray

Barbara Carson                Susan Hoffman                Phil Paulson

Mary DeWolf                    Lorna Kniaz                       Joanne Storlie

Felicitus Ferington         Judi K-Turkel


To find out more about submitting to the Agora,  click on Submissions

To view highlights from past editions, click on Highlights.

To view past editions or to review volumes 1 through 4 online, click on Volumes.


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