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PLATO offers non-credit, participatory courses meant for seniors who want to continue learning, sharing and making new friends.The content and format of PLATO courses are determined by volunteer Course Coordinators and course participants. Any PLATO member can propose and coordinate a course.

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Featured Topic: Course Coordinators for Global Affairs and the Media

Leon Lindberg and Kirk Elliot

Leon Lindberg, Kirk Elliott, along with Judith Wagener are continuing to offer the course this Fall on Global Affairs and the Media. They focus on international events and concerns, addressing United States issues only as they relate to the rest of the world.

The first hour consists of a presentation by an invited speaker or by a member of the group.

Some of the topics presented this session include: Overview and Introduction to the Nordic Model; U.S. Russian- relations; Facebook and disinformation in Southeast Asia; and Identity Politics in Africa and Beyond.

For the second hour all members are invited to scour various media sources for an item of global interest and bring a summary of it for discussion. In this way, all members hope to increase exposure to high-quality sources of news and information and to expand their appreciation of the importance of global affairs.

This course meets on Wednesday mornings at Capital Lakes.

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