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For the spring term Continuing Philosophy will continue discussing America the Philosophical by Professor Carlin Romano in which he advances the view that “America in the early twenty-first century towers as the most philosophical culture in the history of the world, an unprecedented marketplace of truth and argument that far surpasses … any other place one can name over the past three millennia.” There is no problem joining the discussion mid-stream; you need only read the Introduction and “Rorty’s Revolution” so you understand why the author argues for America being such a philosophical country. We will begin the Spring semester with "The Literary Critics" chapter in Part 2 (p. 208) and attempt to finish Part 2 by the end of the first class session.


 Madison Senior Center

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 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

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 February 24, 2016

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 April 27, 2016


 Regular reading/discussion

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 No limit


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