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Continuation and completion of the ways life on Earth - and in particular human life - is so well matched to the universe. Basically, the course will be a discussion of the appearance and early history of mankind. One perspective of the topic is provided by Chris Stringer in his book entitled Lone Survivors: How We Came To Be the Only Humans on Earth, which we will use as a basic reference and augment it with new information and viewpoints.


 Madison Senior Center

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 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

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 February 25, 2016

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 April 28, 2016


 Some reading will be useful

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 No limit

Class notes

The reference text: Chris Stringer, "Lone Survivorst: How We Came To Be the Only Humans on Earth" 

Gravity Waves 2/25  video: 

video: Evolution (shape)

video: Evolution of man (NOVA)

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essay: Evolution of Limbs, Sean Carroll


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