Sensing the World Around Us


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This course will provide a basic introduction to neuroscience: how neurons work, how the brain is organized, and how we hear, see, taste, smell, touch and balance. No background in science and no preparation required. If you have an interest in the brain, our senses, and asking questions, join us to learn more about how we perceive the world around us, how much we distort that world, how much of our world we do not perceive, and how the brain creates each individual’s reality. Through interactive presentations and demonstrations we will explore experiences from our sensual world such as perfumes, flavors, magic and auditory illusions; cover associated topics such as cochlear implants and macular degeneration; and present examples of extraordinary capabilities found in animals. Each program will also include a brief review of how our senses change with age, common myths about the brain, and unusual behaviors such as yawning, tickling, and sneezing.

 Capitol Lakes - Grand Hall
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 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Start Date
 October 10, 2016
End Date
 December 5, 2016
 Some reading/discussion
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 No limit


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