Poems as Guides/Models for New Poetry


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Lewis Bosworth          
lewisabosworth@gmail.com 608-238-3648

Participants will read and analyze various poems, and then use them as models for new poems of their own. Participants taking this course should have some experience at writing poems and a rudimentary knowledge of poetics. This class is a creative writing class, and participants should expect to learn the writing and analysis of poems in the same way they would learn basic mathematics or a foreign language. Those wishing to take this class must fill out a registration form. At the February Preview a detailed syllabus will be available. Questions: Please ask: lewisabosworth@gmail.com.


 Madison Senior Center

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Meeting Time

 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM 

Start Date

 February 27, 2018

End Date

 April 17, 2018


 High participation 

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This is a creative writing course. Missing class sessions puts participants at a distinct disadvantage. A registration form is required. Request it by email to: lewisabosworth@gmail.com OR phone: 608-238=3648 (leave message.)


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