Diversity Committee's Recommended Reading

February, 2018

White Awake: An Honest Look at What It Means to Be White

by Daniel Hill

Hill is the founding and senior pastor of River City Community Church in Illinois (previously at Willow Creek Community Church).  “As Christians, we must embark upon an awakening journey – a path that will lead us into direct confrontation with the narrative of racial difference.  We must open our eyes to the uncomfortable racial hierarchy that has been the basis for the structure of our entire society.  We must wake up to the ways that the narrative of racial difference played a major role in identity formation in the early days of our country, and to the ways it continues to play a dominant role in our sense of identity here and now.  (Foreword)

"In White Awake, Rev. Dr. Daniel Hill divulges his most intimate experiences of whiteness and how white privilege impacts our society. He thoughtfully uncovers cultural identity, social constructions of race, and colorblindness in a manner that is both provoking and enlightening on the pressing social reality for people of color. Hill offers seven stages to a ministry of reconciliation as he invites us to wander away from our comfort zones and challenge us to become informed new beings. White Awake is a crucial book for our time, as the social and political landscape progresses into torrential territories. This book is challenging, provocative, and significant, and I strongly recommend it."   (Grace Ji-Sun Kim, associate professor of theology, Earlham School of Religion)


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