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Economics profoundly affects our everyday lives. We seek a better understanding but without a background in economics, many of us are left confused or misunderstand how and why many issues play out as they do. This class will study 12 basic economic principles and then each week seeks to apply them to a current real world situation for a greater understanding. Our weekly discussion topics will be the hot issues of the day as determined by the class. A full schedule of the weekly topics will be published after the first class. We will also make a quick review of the week’s major economic headlines.

There is no obligation to attend each weekly class. If you sign up, you will receive our schedule of topics and can choose those of most interest to you.

The class does not preach any particular point of view but is aimed at helping you think independently as opposed to simply accepting popular viewpoints expressed by the media. Each class will involve a lively debate based on facts and basic economic principles to lay the groundwork to help each person work toward their own understandings.

Course Coordinator, Chuck Karabin, retired as financial director at Abbot Labs, Chicago (a fortune 25 company) where he studied economic situations and made recommendations. He now writes an investment newsletter.


Capitol Lakes

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1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

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Sept 25, 2018

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Nov 27, 2018


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No limit

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To enroll, contact Chuck Karabin by email at before the first meeting.

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# of Sessions: 10


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