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by Pauline Witte

Sitting at the edge of a meadow

in the safety of a bright day

we talked of loss.

He about the death of his wife.

I of parents and grandparents long gone.

He drives her car.

His new puppy chewed up her shoes.

He wonders why her friends don't call.

Who am I without her he asked?

Later that night when I look in the mirror, I see my mother's hand pick up a comb.

In my bones I feel my grandpa's stooped walk.

I set my jaw, as determined as my father.

Who was I with them?

Who am I without them?

Pauline Witte grew up in Central Wisconsin and tries to reflect the beauty and serenity of that life in her poems. Pauline was a high school English teacher and reading specialist and taught reading methods at the college level. In retirement, she spends a great deal of time gardening and hiking the Ice Age Trail with her dogs.


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