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We are biography readers who enjoy sharing their experiences. Presentations are participants’ responsibility. It is optional for participants to do a presentation. We discover fresh facts about notable men and women from backgrounds as varied as politics, literature, art, film, theater, music, science and sports. Not all are of heroic proportions. Some of the best life stories are about people who have fallen into oblivion, but lived interesting lives. Controversial personalities add particular spice to discussions.

We will examine the lives of men and women who went into political, military, and entertainment careers. What factors caused them to enter these professions? Did they make contributions to national or international history?


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9:30 am to 11:30 pm

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Sept 21, 2021

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Nov 23, 2021


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No limit

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To Enroll: Registration required, contact coordinator for instructions.

# of Sessions:  9

Date No Class:  Oct 12th

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