Life Maps: The Search for Meaning in Modern Philosophy and the Arts


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Norman Leer

(608) 236-0158

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This class is designed for people interested in modern literature, film, music, philosophy and the visual arts, who want to explore connections between these areas and their own life searches. Both parts of the dialogue are equally important.

This fall, we’ll explore the philosophy/theology of Paul Tillich. We’ll read Tillich’s own The Courage to Be and then Rollo May’s Paulus, a memoir of his friendship with Tillich and discussion of Tillich’s ideas.

Both Tillich and May are important modern thinkers, and are part of the attempt to combine psychology, philosophy and theology, and to reimagine and move beyond the patriarchal sense of what we mean by God. 

Paulus seems to be out of print, but I’ve checked and there are several used copies available on Amazon for reasonable prices. The book should also be available in libraries.  This course will be conducted via email.



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1:30 pm to 3:30 pm

Start Date

Sept 22, 2021

End Date

Nov 24, 2021


Reading and discussion via email

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To Enroll:  Class size limit contact course coordinator about enrollment status.

# of Sessions:  10


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