Frontiers in Life Science


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Paul Brandl (608) 251-2662

Course Description 

This class will bring us to the “cutting edge” of scientific research. Each week a different researcher or science expert reports and discusses his or her innovations, inventions and/or discoveries.

The UW Biotechnology Outreach Directory has brought a variety of researchers to this class over the past several years. Topics have included: bird flu, heart disease, cancer, aging, stem cells, DNA sequencing, nanotechnology and others. You will be able to discuss your questions and concerns with these science experts each week.


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1:00 pm to 3:00 pm

Start Date

Sept 22, 2021

End Date

Dec 1, 2021


No reading/minimal reading

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No limit

Class notes 

To Enroll: Registration required, contact coordinator for instructions. 

# of Sessions: 10

Date No Class: November 24th

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