Relax and Be Aware- Mindfulness Meditations for Clarity and Wisdom


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This course is based on the book, Relax and Be Aware, by Sayadaw U Tejaniya. The aim of the class and the book is to help meditators practice meditation as it was originally taught by the Buddha, as an investigation into the true nature of reality - not just during regular daily sittings, but in every moment of daily life.

Two opening sessions will present key concepts. Then, along with a meditation time - four meditation sections from the book each week will be reflected upon and discussed in class.

Getting a copy of the book is required. Please contact coordinator with any questions


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10:00 am to 11:45 am

Start Date

Sept 23, 2021

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Dec 2, 2021


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No Limit

Class notes

To Enroll: Registration required, contact coordinator for instructions.

# of Sessions:  10

Date No Class: Nov 25th


PowerPoint Presentations for Spring 2021 

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Session 4 Session 5   Session 6 
Session 7  Session 8  Session 9
Session 10     
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