Moby Dick is one of the great American novels of the eighteenth century.

The Class will read excerpts, and discuss:

  • Melville’s life and influences,
  • the plot,
  • characters,
  • the obsession of Ahab with the White Whale; 
  • the symbolism of Moby Dick,
  • the descriptions of whales and whaling and
  • the rich characters sailing on the Pequod’s treacherous journey.

Alan Zuckerman first read Moby Dick in High School and has re-read a few times. Each reading is a different experience for me. The class will encourage discussion and analyses of the plot, symbolism, characters and language.

We will also watch 2 movies about Moby Dick. A free eBook is available on line and the Madison library has copies.


Christ Presbyterian Church

Meeting Day


Meeting Time

1:30 PM - 3:30 PM

Start Date

Sept. 24, 2019

End Date

Dec. 3, 2019


Regular reading/discussion expected

Class Size


Class Notes

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No Sessions: 10

No Class: Nov. 26th

Class Syllabus (PDF)

Moby Dick


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Alan Zuckerman 302-344-1458

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