Osiris/Isis, Horus, Dionysus, Demeter/Persephone, Baal, Adonis, Attis, Tammuz, Mithra – who were these dying, resurrecting and/or savior deities? To what extent did our Jewish and Christian faiths borrow from their stories and religious practices? We attempt to find out by watching DVD lectures and reading excerpts from the writings of professors and other experts such as J. Campbell, K. McClymond, D. Leeming, J. Spong, J. Cashford and co-author A. Baring, B. Ehrman, B. Walker and many others.

If our own traditions were based on many of the earlier ones, why would this be significant? Join us for open, tolerant discussion, welcoming both skeptics and believers.

Location Madison Senior Center
Meeting Day Friday
Meeting Time 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Start Date Sept. 20, 2019
End Date Dec. 6, 2019
Participation Regular reading/discussion
Class Size 25

Class Notes

To enroll contact the course coordinator by phone (608-831-6593) sooner rather than later.

# of Sessions: 11

No class: Nov 29th, day after Thanksgiving.

How Does Religion Evolve? Part Three


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