Coordinators 2020

Thank you to all coordinators who will volunteer to offer one or more of our courses in 2020 for PLATO members! You are what makes us what PLATO stands for: Participatory Learning And Teaching Organization.

PLATO truly is a place “where the love of learning never gets old”. We appreciate your willingness to share your interests and expertise with us.

Beginning with the PLATO Winter courses, your names will be listed here so that we can acknowledge the time and effort you have given for the benefit of all PLATO members.


Anderson, Peggy

Becker, Mary

Bell, Greg

Bowman, Jeanne

Brandl, Paul

Burish, Helen

Corwin, Mert

Cothroll, Ed

Dill, Bonnie

Elliott, Kirk

Evans, Barb

Fischer, Bruce

Ford, Vicki

Fry, Bob

Gohdes, Paul

Gregg, Bruce

Halloran, Jim

Havens, Judy

Hughes, Diane

Jakovec, Toni

Karabin, Chuck

Kinar, John

Kinar, Jan

Klibaner, Irv

Koykkar, Joseph

Larsen, Brent

Larsen, Leslie

Leer, Norman

Leer, Grethe Brix-J.

Lindberg, Leon

McKenzie, Paula

Millman, Andy

Mitchell, Jack

Moye, Martha

Mulrooney, Tess

O'Brien, Jim

Paulson, Phil

Pils, Chuck

Praza, Tony

Reeder, Don

Ross, Ann

Ross, Fred

Schlicht, Tom

Sherman, Daryl

Spiegel, Carol

Steeves, Richard

Taylor, Meg

Urbaniak, Marsha

Wagener, Judith

Werlein, Steve

Wille, Craig

Williams, Heather



Better, Maurice 

Krug, Peter

Leer, Norman 


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