Recorded Courses Sessions  

Links to videos on this page will be available until August 2021.  The videos will continue to be available from the You Tube channel.

Whither the State - Recorded Courses

May 4th Redistricting Part 1. Watch video now at

April 26, 2021 Contemporary Food Policy.
Watch video now at

April 6, 2021 Development Trends and Challenges in the Madison Area.  Watch video now at

March 16, 2021 The Pandemic and Employment.  Watch video now at

March 2, 2021 Social and Political Implications of Transportation Policy: Now and Future.  Watch video now at

February 16, 2021 Future of the Media: Misinformation, Bias and Facts.  Watch video now at

February 2, 2021 Understanding the Behavior of the Stock Market? Watch the video now at

January 19, 2021 The Future of the Republican Party.  Watch the video now at

January 5, 2021  Dec 15, 2020 Economic/monetary challenges and opportunities facing the Biden-Harris administration. Watch the video now at

Pathways to a Sustainable Planet - Recorded Courses

April 12: Thorcon's Reactor Design and Indonesia, by Dr. Robert Hargraves, Study leader for energy policy at Dartmouth College, NH.

April 5: A Canadian Perspective on Management of Used Nuclear Fuels, by Dr. Neil Alexander, Bucephalus Consulting, Ontario.

March 29: On the Back of Tortoises, by Dr. Elizabeth Hennessy, Associate Professor of History and Environmental Studies, U.W.

March 22: No Ordinary Genius, by Dr. Bulent Atalay, blog writer for National Geographic Newswatch.

March 15: Fusion: A Review with Updates, by Dr. Bulent Atalay, theoretical nuclear physicist, University of Mary Washington. 
Watch video now at:;

March 8: The Atlantic Ocean's Circulation and Climate, by Dr. Elizabeth Maroon, Oceans and Climate lab. U.W.  
Watch video now at: 

March 1: Future Sea, by Deborah Rowan Wright, marine conservation advocate, Bristol, UK.  
Watch video now at: 

February 22: Shorting The Grid, by Meredith Angwin, former project manager at the Electric Power Research Institute. 
Watch video now at: 

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