Hurricanes, Wildfires & Climate Change . . . ?Cause & Effect???

  • January 17, 2018
  • 12:30 PM - 2:00 PM
  • Oakwood West University Woods, 6209 Mineral Point Rd.


  • Free and Open to the Public

This lecture is FREE to PLATO members and their guests.

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Hurricanes, WIldfires, 

Climate Change

?....Cause & Effect....?


This lecture is FREE to PLATO members and their guests. 

Registration is not required.

Learn about:

  • The science behind our changing weather and climate.
  • The causes of global warming and climate change.
  • Local, national and global impacts and effects of climate change.
  • Being part of the Solution

About Bob Lindmeier:

27 Storm Track Chief Meteorologist Bob Lindmeier holds a Bachelor of Science degree in meteorology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Bob has 30 years of experience in forecasting Wisconsin's weather and has the American Meteorological Society (AMS) Seal of Approval.

In 2011, 2012 and 2013, Bob's forecasts were rated MOST ACCURATE in Southern Wisconsin by WeatheRate, an independent weather forecast verification company.

In his free time, Bob enjoys playing basketball and golf. He also lends his time and talents to community events, and often can be found at local schools talking with children about, what else, the weather.

Bob Lindmeier is an active member of Citizens' Climate Lobby a nonprofit, nonpartisan, volunteer driven organization with a positive solution to address climate change.  See local chapter website

About this lecture:

“Climate change is a subject that The American Meteorological Society really pushes our television broadcasters to communicate about,” Lindmeier said. “I’m fortunate to have a management that is supportive of me going on air and talking about climate change.”

“They want me to keep it relative to events that have recently occurred,” Lindmeier continued. “I have to be very careful when we have an extreme weather event to not immediately attribute that to climate change because we don’t know what percentage of climate change is affecting that particular extreme event. What we can say is this is an example of an extreme event that we’re seeing increase in frequency.”

Climate Central is one of Lindmeier’s most important tools for climate education. “This is a website that’s run by meteorologists, by researchers, all peer reviewed. Anything that I pull out of this website to show on air, I’m confident that it is the real science.”

Lindmeier likes to show how climate change impacts Madison and Wisconsin. When he shows Climate Central graphics about how climate change has already impacted temperatures or weather events locally, it resonates more with his audience than news about polar bears or world events.  

Lindmeier also emphasized it’s important and effective to talk to family and friends about climate change. Hopefully with the information you’ve learned here today, you can have more informed conversations about climate and weather, and continue to build political will for climate action.  

Lecture Location:

Oakwood Village University Woods Auditorium/Arts Center  
6205 Mineral Point Road    
Madison, Wisconsin 53705    


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  • Press the button located next to the garage door to speak to attendant; say you are there for a PLATO Lecture.
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