Year: 2020

1January, 2020
Jan 09 Steve Paulson and Jack Mitchell: The Long Difficult Birth of Public Radio
Jan 10 2019/20 PLATO Breakfast Get-Togethers
Jan 23 Prof. Bilge Mutlu: Designing Robots for Human Interaction
Jan 24 2019/20 PLATO Breakfast Get-Togethers
Feb 07 Luncheon (prior to Global Hotspots)
Feb 07 Global Hotspots: “Understanding and Addressing the Rise of Vaccine Hesitancy"
Feb 14 2019/20 PLATO Breakfast Get-Togethers
Feb 19 PLATO Spring 2020 Open House
Feb 28 2019/20 PLATO Breakfast Get-Togethers
Mar 13 2019/20 PLATO Breakfast Get-Togethers
Mar 19 CANCELLED - Olbrich Botanical Gardens: Your Garden, Your Community
Mar 25 CANCELLED - Eclipsed @ Milwaukee Rep Quadracci Powerhouse
Apr 03 CANCELLED - Luncheon (prior to Global Hotspots)
Apr 03 CANCELLED - Global Hotspots: “The Past, Present, and Future of Rainstorms and Floods in Wisconsin and around the World"
Apr 09 CANCELLED - Gourmet Luncheon and Tour, Madison College Culinary Arts Program
May 01 CANCELLED - Global Hotspots: “American Foreign Policy in an Age of Nationalist Sentiment"
May 13 Destiny of Desire @ Milwaukee Rep Quadracci Powerhouse Theater
May 20 2020 PLATO Annual Meeting & Buffet Lunch
May 22 Horicon Birding Boat Tour and Marsh Haven 2020
Jun 12 Summer 2020 PLATO Breakfast Get-Togethers
Jun 17 42nd Street @ Lyric Opera of Chicago
Jun 25 Stonefield Village Field Trip
Jun 26 Summer 2020 PLATO Breakfast Get-Togethers
Jul 10 Summer 2020 PLATO Breakfast Get-Togethers
Jul 22 Frida Kahlo 2020
Jul 24 Summer 2020 PLATO Breakfast Get-Togethers
Aug 14 Summer 2020 PLATO Breakfast Get-Togethers
Aug 28 Summer 2020 PLATO Breakfast Get-Togethers

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