Here are past online lectures PLATO has held, most recent to least recent in order by date of the event.  Events will be added to this page about a week after the event is held.

Whither the State: 2020 Election, Session 2

October 6, 2020

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How Computing May Change Our World. Prof. Mark D. Hill

September 17, 2020

While computing has already changed how we communicate, work, and play, more big impacts are afoot. UW-Madison Prof. Emeritus Mark Hill will define and discuss impacts of three important examples on the horizon: (a) why artificial intelligence will free humans from more repetitive tasks, (b) how quantum computing will eventually enhance discovery, and (c) how computing and very human issues like fairness will increasingly interact. This talk assumes no background in computer science and is based on visioning work Prof. Hill collaborated on when he led the Computing  Community Consortium (CCC) (

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To view the slides from the lecture in PDF form, click here. (Note: this is a large file and may take a while to open.)

PLATO COVID-19 Online Town Hall. Hank Weiss, Brittany Grogan, Meg Taylor, Prof. Ted Goodfriend

September 10, 2020

Hank Weiss, PhD, MPH, MS, an epidemiologist with years of experience in government and academia will cover how we got here as of 9/10/20, current status of the pandemic, and where we are going; along with recommended sources of information about COVID-19. Other speakers include Brittany Grogan, MPH is a public health analyst with Public Health Madison & Dane County (PHMDC). Meg Taylor, B.S.N. in Public Health previously at the State of Wisconsin Public Health Agency, and Prof. Ted Goodfriend, emeritus Professor of Medicine and Pharmacology at UW-Madison and retired coordinator of research at the VA.

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To view the slides from the lecture in PDF form, click here.

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