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Cherokee Marsh - North Unit

Strategically located at the head of Madison's lakes, Cherokee Marsh acts as a living sponge.  It filters upland runoff, using excess fertilizer to grow marsh plants, and slowly releasing cleaner water to the lakes below.  Cherokee Marsh is the largest wetlands in Dane County.  It is used by thousands of students each year for environmental education. 

The Walk

There are 2 3/4 miles of trail along the Marsh through woods and prairie. This section of the Marsh  is used by thousands of students each year for environmental education. 

Trail Conditions Accessibility 

The wide paths are well maintained and suitable for those walking with canes..  There are wooden board walks over the wet lands. 

Driving and Parking Instructions

Park at the loop at the end of Sherman Avenue.

6098 N Sherman Ave, Madison, WI 53704

    Comments or questions about the walks?

    This self-guided walk was developed from a list of successful docent-led walks Carla and I and other faithful volunteers have conducted over the last four years.  I will be adding more to the list as the Pandemic continues to keep us isolated.  Building these self-guided walk is very much a "work in progress".  If you have ideas for improving communications about the walks or additional information provide, drop me a line.

    If you have a favorite walk please drop a note and I'll get back to you shortly.  Please mark the subject line of the email "PLATO Walks" so that I can get to them quickly.  Remember that both State Parks and City Parks are not available to the public.

    Mike DiIorio at or text me at 608 520 4448.

    I hope you enjoy the walks. Stay healthy, stay safe.

    PLATO is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization supported in part by:

    Facebook: @platomadison


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