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PLATO is an organization run by its members who contribute their time and effort to carry out the administrative tasks. It is associated with the Division of Continuing Studies of the University of Wisconsin–Madison (UW-DCS), which provides administrative support.

PLATO members share their expertise, skills, and talents to keep the organization strong and vibrant. We are always looking for more members to help keep PLATO running. If you would like to become involved in PLATO’s administration, contact any Board Director or Committee Chair.

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PLATO Bylaws; Standing Committees - Responsibilities and Procedures; PLATO Policies

PLATO Strategic Plan

PLATO Financial Information:

  • FY'21 (July 1, 2020-June 30, 2021): FY'21 Budget 2020-2021 (Board Approved 6/13/2020)
  • Financial Information - Prior Years:

FY'20 Budget 2019-2020 
FY'19 Budget 2018-2019
FY'18 Budget 2017-2018
FY'17 Budget 2016-2017
PLATO by the Numbers: 2016-17
FY'16 Budget 2016-2017 
FY'16 Assets, Liabilities, Fund Balance
FY'16 Revenue and Expenses
PLATO by the Numbers: Annual Report on Activities & Finances 2015-16
PLATO Tax Return IRS Form 990 Year End June 30, 2015

    PLATO History:

    PLATO is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in association with:

    For more information about PLATO, contact:

    PLATO Office Operations
    UW-Madison Continuing Studies
    21 N. Park St, 7th Floor, Madison, WI 53715
    Phone: 608-262-5823
    Fax: 608-265-4555

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