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The Gift of Education – Helping PLATO Help Others
  • PLATO established the PLATO Education Fund in 2012 to support educational opportunities for low income/marginalized individuals.  
  • In the past six years PLATO member donations have provided more than $107,000 to support scholarships for returning adult students at UW-Madison, along with the Odyssey Project, and local community agencies that offer educational programming for low-income youth. This year  PLATO member contributions are providing more than $35,000 to support these efforts.
  • Each year more than 100 individual PLATO members generously contribute to the PLATO Education Fund.
Those of us in PLATO have benefited from access to educational opportunities throughout our lives.  By supporting the PLATO Education Fund you are demonstrating your commitment to extending these benefits to others who otherwise would not have the resources needed to participate in these opportunities.  Your tax deductible donation to the PLATO Education Fund will enable us to continue supporting access to the gift of education for individuals who have significant financial challenges.


Learn about the students who are benefitting from PLATO scholarships this year: 2019-2020 
and in recent years: 2018-20192017-2018;
 2016-2017; 2015-2016.


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Additional ways to give

UW Foundation offers a variety of gift options you may wish to explore. Careful planning can maximize the positive effects of outright contributions such as cash, appreciated securities, life insurance policies, real estate, and gifts of personal property, as well as deferred gifts such as bequests, testamentary trusts and life income trusts.

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