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PLATO offers non-credit, participatory courses meant for seniors who want to continue learning, sharing and making new friends.The content and format of PLATO courses are determined by volunteer Course Coordinators and course participants. Any PLATO member can propose and coordinate a course.

Featured Coordinator: Joseph Koykkar

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Joseph Koykkar is a new coordinator.  This Spring Professor Joseph Koykkar explored the evolution of the Beatles music from early 1962 through their last album in 1970.

He looked at the music styles that influenced the Beatles in the very beginning of their careers. He divided the time period for their music into 4 sections: the early Beatles, the middle Beatles, Sgt. Pepper’s and beyond, and the final period. In looking at the different periods, he examined key songs from each segment in-depth and in general to highlight what makes their music continuously innovative and able to stand the test of time.

He also placed these songs in the context of the 1960s showing the relationship of their compositions to the social and musical trends of the era.

This is a fascinating course about the music that for many of us defined our teenage years. Not only is it fun to see some of the Beatles early performances but Professor Koykkar will give you an appreciation for how they composed their music, and why many of us enjoyed it so much.

Thanks Professor Koykkar for offering this course to PLATO members.

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