PLATO Spring and Summer Courses canceled.  

PLATO offers non-credit, participatory courses meant for seniors who want to continue learning, sharing and making new friends.The content and format of PLATO courses are determined by volunteer Course Coordinators and course participants. Any PLATO member can propose and coordinate a course.

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Current Events PM

Meg Taylor and Greg Bell have coordinated the Current Events PM course for several years.

Here are Meg’s thoughts on the success of their Current Events online format:

The Wednesday afternoon Current Events class went online March 18th and we have had great success! We are averaging 18 attendees for each of our sessions. The class schedule of topics was decided prior to beginning the first week of class, so we just continued with that schedule. Presenters sent out the readings through the Coordinators, the PowerPoint presentations were submitted prior to the class, our Moderator was trouble shooting for any Members that were having issues, and the classes moved right along.

Our normal pre-presentation “Lightening Round” is lively, though certainly seemed to center around the latest issues around the Covid-19 Pandemic. Normally, we have used the first 30 minutes of the class to talk about anything that a member has read about, or has seen on TV or online. It has always been quick, to the point with a short discussion. That has continued even if we are meeting remotely.

We use the digital hand raising prompt in the application, as well as the chat room for comments. The class has occasionally used the polling capability, but we have found that hand raising and follow up discussion seems to be the most common and successful method of class participation.

Immediately after what was supposed to be the last class discussion for the Spring Session, a number of people asked if we couldn’t continue to meet every Wednesday afternoon at the normal time. We all agreed that it would be a great idea. This is a wonderful way for all of us to feel connected and to have discussions about the world around us and current events. So, we will continue.

Thanks Meg and Greg for continuing to offer this interesting and timely course each PLATO semester. And for the success of your videoconferencing format.

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