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Four Tips to Make PLATO Coordinators’ Lives Easier

These methods are based on the assumption that you use Gmail for your personal account, or that you use account for ALL of your PLATO course related communication. If you don't, these tips will not be helpful for you.

1) How to create a Google Meet for your virtual or hybrid course.

2) How to create one name for all participants in your course.

3) How to schedule an entire semester of emails.

4) How to open Google Meet without having to let someone in.

Download the printable PDF of these tips here!

Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Hybrid Course Technology

PLATO has sponsored information sharing and demonstration sessions of hybrid technology and class management best practices in an on-going effort to make Courses and Lectures as accessible as possible to meet various member needs and preferences. Course Coordinators were encouraged to attend these sessions to learn about recent developments in the hybrid approach. However, it is understood that not all Courses are appropriate for the hybrid approach and it is always the Course Coordinator's choice as to how to offer their Course. 

To learn more about going hybrid, please explore the links below and contact Bill Colwell ( or Paul Thompson (pthompson1@outlook.comwith questions. 

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