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           Grounded                 Milwaukee Rep Stiemke

Mar. 8: The way wars are fought have changed drastically in the past several decades, and this play addresses those changes and the challenges today’s soldiers face. It’s a unique perspective on

PLATO Will Offer 41 Courses in Spring 2017

The Spring 2017 PLATO course schedule is now available. We will be offering 41 courses, including new courses in Complementary and Alternative Medicine, WIsconsin Maritime History, and Madison''s Diverse Populations. 

Art in Bloom 2017 @ the Milwaukee Art Museum

Mar 24: Spring comes alive at the Milwaukee Art Museum in March with the annual Art in Bloom event weekend. Stunning art-inspired floral installations will be set among three floors of Collection Galleries with market-

Institutes of Discovery and Geology Museum

Mar 30: Join us on a tour of two of the iconic facilities of UW-Madison Campus:The Institutes of Discovery, and Geology (and Paleontology) Museum.  The cost of a buffet lunch is included.  Bus pickup at 3 locations.

Dining With Friends

March 10: Luncheon at Oros Dining Room at the Fluno Center (prior to Global Hotspots).


Feb. 24: Breakfast at Elie's Family Restaurant

PLATO is a community of intellectually curious adults, Typically over 50,
which explores subjects of interest through member-led discussion groups, lectures, travel and cultural activities.

Talking About PLATO Just Got Easier!

Your neighbor asks “So what is this PLATO thing you go to?” The Communication Committee found that members were wanting a concise and easy description of PLATO that would help them explain its benefits ....

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