July 11, 2018

           As You Like It             @ APT

This Shakespearean comedy centers on Rosalind and Celia, who flee to the forest to escape Celia’s father, the Duke. Orlando, who has fallen in love with Rosalind, also flees to the forest. Joined in the forest by  a band of merry woods-dwelling misfits.

Be a Course Coordinator and Share Your Passion!

A few reasons current Course Coordinators say they keep leading courses: "Interest in or passion for a subject, personal growth, enjoyment of teaching, engagement with participant or ensuring a course continues”.

Breakfast Gatherings on   2nd and 4th Fridays

Summer Session - June through Sept.

We'll gather for breakfast at 9:30 am on the second (Memorial Union) and fourth (Elie's Family Restaurant) Fridays of the month.  

Sculpture Milwaukee and Bastille Days Festival

We'll begin with the Sculpture Milwaukee, an outdoor urban sculpture exhibit of 20+ works by inter-nationally and locally known artists. After the sculpture tour, we'll spend the afternoon at Bastille Days at Cathedral Square.

August 14, 2018

           Born Yesterday            @ APT

A hilarious and timely spoof of politics and perceptions. A shady businessman heads to Washington with his ex-showgirl girlfriend Billie Dawn in an attempt to shift the law to his side. When Brock decides that Billie is too unrefined to mix with the political set, the fun begins....


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