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March 02, 2022 4:53 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

As we contemplate starting spring 2022 PLATO classes, I have been thinking about what PLATO has meant to me since joining in February 2020.  Yes, that’s right, I joined just as the world and PLATO shut down!  I remember that I attended two weeks of classes in person and then all went dark.  But, oh, those two weeks were memorable – the warm welcomes, the stimulating discussions, the incredibly bright and educated participants and coordinators!  For a brief moment in time, I had found my retirement Disneyland and then it was gone.

But wait! Those crazy, innovative, PLATO volunteers on the Curriculum, Technology, and Executive committees as well as persistent, dedicated, class coordinators found a way to bring the PLATO Curriculum back online (Don’t you just love a play on words?  Of course, you do, you are a PLATO member!) A lifeline was thrown, and I grabbed on as fast and as tight as possible.  

I’m still holding on to that lifeline as I spend the winter in Arizona.  While it’s not possible to be grateful for COVID, I am continually grateful that PLATO courses are online and that our dedicated class coordinators that have been willing to become technical online meeting experts. And that some of these selfless coordinators have continued to offer their courses year-round as the pandemic drags on and on and on……….

But, speaking of dragging on and on – enough about me.  Okay wait, one more thing.  Since I am a member of the curriculum committee, I should probably say something about the curriculum.  More in the form of a question – don’t you just love when the new semester course schedule gets posted?  Wait, what?  You mean I can enroll in any of these?  OMG – there are so many – and they all sound so good – and I love this instructor – but this class is at the same time and really, really intrigues me.  What SHALL I do (hand to forehead)!

I apologize, I do tend to get animated.  Just ask anyone in the Wednesday AM current events class when we discuss any space related topics.  Some people call me the Space Cowboy but so far no one has called me the Gangster of Love. 

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