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Two Trains Running @ Milwaukee Rep at Quadracci Powerhouse

  • May 05, 2019
  • Milwaukee
  • 26


  • NOTE: Member ($76) with guest ($91) will cost a total of $167. TO ADD YOUR GUEST: click on the "ADD GUEST" button at the bottom of the registration form and enter the guest information, as indicated. Thank you.
  • Rather spend a leisurely day exploring the Milwaukee Art Museum, Milwaukee Public Museum or Grohmann Museum while everyone else is at Two Trains Running? Register for Independent Study. Members $35/Guests $45. Total registration for member ($35) and adding a guest ($45) is $80.

Milwaukee Museum Independent Study Option - Select ONE of the following museums to visit while others attend the play:
Grohmann Museum
Milwaukee Art Museum
Milwaukee Public Museum.

Estimated Trip Duration:
East Towne Sears: 9:55 AM - 7:00 PM
Capitol Lakes: 9:35 AM - 7:20 PM
Oakwood West: 8:45 AM - 7:45 PM

NOTE: Members must register their guests. Their fee: $91. No Refund Deadline: April 5

Optional Group Lunch. On this trip, the location will be the Pastiche at Hotel Metro.
Registration is closed

Two Trains Running @ Milwaukee Rep
Quadracci Powerhouse

Sunday, May 5, 2019


It’s 1969 and change is in the air. But for the owner of a rundown diner in a dying Pittsburgh neighborhood, the Civil Rights movement may just be an impractical dream.

Torn between whether to gamble on an urban-renewal buyout or sell his building to a predatory businessman, he finds himself caught between idealism and brutal reality. From Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright August Wilson comes this masterpiece about everyday lives in the shadow of great events, and of unsung citizens who are anything but ordinary, in the play The New York Times declared as “Mr. Wilson’s most adventurous and honest attempt to reveal the intimate heart of history.”

Run Time: Three hours with one intermission (2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Learn more by visiting the Two Trains Running website regarding the cast, video clips of cast performances, interviews & rehearsals, and all the latest news.

Two Trains Running will be staged in the large, yet intimate Quadracci Powerhouse Theater. For information including photos about this unique theater venue, click here.

Directions to the Quadracci Powerhouse Theater:  From the Milwaukee Rep’s Wells Street entrance, walk straight ahead under the atrium dome. The Powerhouse Theater is located on the Mezzanine Level. Take the elevator or walk up the white marble stairway. From the Mezzanine Level elevator exit, walk around to the right into the Powerhouse Theater entrance. 

The Quadracci Powerhouse Theater is handicapped accessible. There is handrail support on each row as you descend and ascend the aisle.

Rep-in-Depth:  An optional, but highly recommended, lively and informative 30-minute pre-talk which starts 45 minutes before every performance in the Quadracci Powerhouse Theater and runs from 1:15 PM to 1:45 PM. It is free and you can drop in any time during the course of the talk.

Accessibility Policy. On the Badger Bus, you must be able to climb steps to board and exit the bus. If you need assistance, we require that you bring a friend to give you a hand.

Guest Policy Members must register their guests. Each PLATO member is entitled to bring one non-member guest per bus trip. (Members may bring more than one guest near the registration Deadline Date if seats are available. Check with trip organizer.) Non-member guests pay an additional $15.00 registration fee. PLATO Membership is $60.00/year. 

11:30 AM - 2:00 PM
Free Time for Lunch, Shopping & Exploring
LUNCH is on your own*

*Group Lunch Option is available to those who want to register, but may be hesitant...not knowing anyone and uncomfortable eating alone. The group option lunch addresses  this concern and is a good way to make new theater trip friends. Just answer "Yes"  to Group Lunch questions on the registration form and we will take care of the rest. 

For this trip, the location of our Optional Group Lunch will be a favorite French restaurant from past trips, the Pastiche at the Metro located in the Hotel Metro a few blocks east of the Milwaukee Rep. It is walk-able (map) for some, yet bus drop off and pick up is an option especially if it's a rainy day, They serve a great brunch and will seat us in a back banquet room that is carpeted and quiet.

11:30 AM - Arrives at Pastiche at Hotel Metro, 411 E. Mason St

11:40 AM - Arrives at Milwaukee Public Market

There are nine unique eateries contained within the Milwaukee Public Market.

There are also many nearby Third Ward restaurants from which to choose. 

Historic Third Ward Official Restaurant List

Historic Third Ward Official Shopping List

11:50 AM - Arrives at Milwaukee Rep, Wells Street entrance 

There are a number of restaurants within easy walking distance of the Milwaukee Rep located on both sides of the Milwaukee River and between the Milwaukee Public Market and the Milwaukee Rep. 

A list of the Milwaukee Rep restaurant recommendations from past PLATO theater trip participants, including websites and map, will be provided.

Milwaukee Museum Independent Study Option

Select one of three museums to visit while others are attending the play

  1. Grohmann Museum 
  2. Milwaukee Art Museum 
  3. Milwaukee Public Museum

PLATO bus will drop you off and pick you up. Museum admission and lunch is on your own. Check with trip organizer for details.


Bear in mind that our boarding bus route is like Madison Metro or any other municipal bus service. Please arrive early at your boarding stop so you don’t miss the bus. When everyone is aboard and seated, we leave. Arrive early and we will all arrive in Milwaukee on time to begin our adventure.

– Don’t be late. We can wait just 5 minutes at any one location.

– Pack water bottles and snacks for sustenance on the trip.

Leave Madison

8:20 AM Bus arrives Oakwood University Woods for boarding

8:50 AM Bus arrives Capitol Lakes

9:10 AM Bus arrives East Towne Sears for Milwaukee (or sooner if everyone is aboard)

9:20 AM Bus departs for Milwaukee 

In Milwaukee

11:00 AM Arrive at Pastiche at Metro, 411 E. Mason St.

11:15 AM Arrive Milwaukee Public Market and other nearby Third Ward restaurants

11:30 AM Arrive Milwaukee Rep Wells St. entrance for nearby downtown restaurants

12:30 PM Arrive at Pastiche at Metro to pick up those who need at ride

12:45 PM Bus returns to Milwaukee Public Market for those who need a ride to the Rep-in-Depth pre-talk and would rather not walk the five blocks to the Milwaukee Rep. (See Walking Map)

1:15 PM Rep-in-Depth pre-talk begins

2:00 PM Two Trains Running performance begins

5:00 PM Two Trains Running performance ends

5:00 PM Begin bus boarding for return to Madison. There will be adequate time for coat check retrieval and restroom use.

5:20 PM Depart for Madison (or sooner if everyone is aboard)

Arrive Madison (Estimated)

6:45 PM Bus returns to East Towne Sears

7:00 PM Bus returns to Capitol Lakes

7:20 PM Bus returns to Oakwood University Oaks

Two Trains Running Theater Trip Mail-In Registration Form (including instructions).

For further information, contact Two Trains Running theater trip organizer, Bob Blitzke, bblitzke@gmail.com or 608-271-7741.


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