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Exploring Wisconsin on Foot: an ICE AGE TRAIL Resource

  • April 27, 2020
  • December 02, 2020
  • Ice Age Trails in Wisconsin
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Exploring Wisconsin on Foot

The Ice Age Trail Alliance (IATA) Website provides information on walks throughout the State of Wisconsin along the edges of the Wisconsin glacier.  

How to use the IATA website to plan a walk:

  1.   Go To the planning page of the IATA website: 
  2.   Scroll down to the regional maps of wisconsin.
  3.   Below each map you will find various types of walks.
  4.   Select the type of walk you are interested in.
  5.   The display will contain a glacial-edge route between various     sites containing appropriate walks. 
  6.   You will be presented with material you need to plan a safe trip to the area including directions, trail head location, and available facilities.

What you can expect 

  • Information about the organization
  • Organized by Region of the State and type of walk
  • Information about each walk including
    • level of difficulty including accessibility considerations
    • length of walk, type of terrain, type of path,
    • points of interest including historical and geological information
    • resources along the way such as restrooms, restaurants, gas stations, etc.
  • Overnight stay possibilities such as camping facilities

Mike DiIorio at mdiiorio1234@gmail.com or text me at 608 520 4448.

I hope you enjoy the walks. Stay healthy, stay safe.


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