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  • Walk: The Mystery of Aztalan Mounds with Robert Birmingham

Walk: The Mystery of Aztalan Mounds with Robert Birmingham

  • October 19, 2021
  • 9:00 AM - 11:30 AM
  • Aztalan State Park
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Aztalan State Park

A State Vehicle Pass is Required &

May be Purchased on Site

    The Walk:  Aztalan State Park

    Aztalan State Park,  is a National Historic Landmark and contains one of Wisconsin's most important archaeological sites, showcasing an ancient Middle-Mississippian village that thrived between A.D. 1000 and 1300. The people who settled Aztalan built large, flat-topped pyramidal mounds and a stockade around their village.

    The first scientific and systematic excavations of any archaeological site in the State of Wisconsin were conducted at Aztalan in 1919 by Samuel Barrett and the Milwaukee Public Museum. Barrett was first taken to Aztalan by George A. West, a founding father of the Wisconsin Archaeological Society, in May of 1919. Mr.

    Introducing Dr. Robert Birmingham

    Robert Birmingham, author and editor of many publications on Wisconsin archaeology, including his most recent Society Press books Skunk Hill: A Native Ceremonial Community in Wisconsin, Life, Death and Archeology at Fort Blue Mounds: A Settlers' Fortification of the Black Hawk War and Aztalan: Mysteries of an Ancient Indian Town, is the former Wisconsin State Archaeologist (1989-2004) at the ...

    A State Vehicle Admissions Sticker is Required and May Be Purchased on Site

    Vehicle Sticker Pass Prices:

    1. Day Pass for a car with Wisconsin License Plate:  $8
    2. Day Pass for a car with Wisconsin License Plates, owned by a person 65 and older: $3;
    3. Day pass for a car with out-of-state license: $16

    Driving and Parking Information

    We will meet at the Aztalan State Park parking lot, located at the entrance to the park.   The following directions will guide you to the trail parking lot.

    From Madison, take I-94 East.  This is the shortest route and will take approximately 35 minutes. 

    • Take I-94 East
    • Take exit 259 onto WIS-89 toward Lake Mills, Waterloo,
    •  Turn left onto E Tyranena Park Rd
    • Turn left onto CTH-B
    • Enter the park and continue to the white trailer on the right side of park.
    • Park in the lot near the trailer.
    • We will gather near the white trailer.

    You may find this google map useful: click on AZTALAN and enter your beginning location with Aztalan as the ending location.

    COVID-19 Safety Protocols (as of August 14, 2021)

    All PLATO Outdoor events will follow the policies of the PLATO Board and the guidance of the PLATO COVID-19 Advisory Work-group.   The current recommendations of the Work-group for outdoor activities include the following:

    • Wear a medical quality mask;
    • Maintain social distancing, when possible. This is especially important when the group stops to hear and discuss information. We provide the group leader with a directional microphone to enable distancing.


    Our leaders will have directional microphones to assist in delivering the message clearly as possible.  The microphones have added greatly to the quality of the conversations as we walk and make informational stops along the way.

    Length, Difficulty & Pace of Walk

    A two to three mile walk along several trails through mixed hilly and flat terrain at a  moderate pace with stops for information.  The walk will take about 2.5 hours, but will depend on the informational stops we make along the way. 

    There will be opportunities to shorten or lengthen the walk, depending on group interests and abilities.

    On a scale of 1 to 5, where 5 is very  steep, the trails are rated 2.5.  

    Handicap Accessibility?

    The trails are not particularly handicap accessible.  They may be manageable with someone to assist you.  Please call me at 608 257-9164 to further evaluate the trails.

    Questions?  Contact trip leader Mike Dilorio at mdiiorio1234@

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