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CANCELLED - Historic Pullman House Tour Field Trip

  • October 09, 2022
  • 7:15 AM - 7:45 PM
  • Chicago
  • 56


  • NOTE: Member ($79) with guest ($95) will cost a total of $174. TO ADD YOUR GUEST: click on the "ADD GUEST" button at the bottom of the registration form and enter the guest information, as indicated. Thank you.



Sunday October 9, 2022

Registration Deadline is September 8


PLATO's COVID Protocol



1. Masks are not required while on this field trip.  

2. However, persons wishing to wear a mask are encouraged to do so.

3. Health  protocols are subject to change as conditions change; PLATO reserves the right to   change the protocols for this trip accordingly.

4. You are asked to stay home if you are not feeling well. Please contact the trip organizer to inform them of your decision.


Historic Pullman House Tour

In the spring of 2018 PLATO organized a field trip to Chicago for a walking tour of the Pullman Historic District.  On the trip home many of the participants said that they wished they could have viewed the inside of  the houses. 

On Sunday, October 9 you will have that opportunity because we will be going to Pullman on the one weekend each year that Pullman residents open their homes to the public for the annual Historic Pullman House Tour. 

Tour homes are chosen to present a cross-section of the different types of housing in Pullman and the many ways that homeowners blend the past and present in their historic homes.  These 140-year-old landmark homes range from executive mansions to 14-foot wide worker’s cottages to multi-unit apartments, all with a charm and uniqueness that is part of the Pullman experience.

Owners of Pullman's landmark houses maintain the historic details on the exterior. The private side of Pullman residences which will be opened to the public for the tour reflect the style and taste of modern residents including beautifully restored interiors as well as tasteful modern renovations. 

You will have four hours to explore the area on your own.  At the visitor center you will be given a brochure which acts as your ticket. The brochure will list about a dozen historic structures including seven houses that you can visit.  The tour is in a very walkable small geographic area with the brochure giving detailed information about each stop.  You can go to as many or as few stops as you want in whatever order you want.

Pictured above is a ticket from the 2019 House Tour.  The houses on this year's tour will be different.

The Pullman Historic District, located 16 miles south of downtown Chicago, was the first model, planned industrial community in the United States.  The district is significant for its historical origins in the Pullman Company, one of the most famous company towns in the United States and scene of the violent 1894 Pullman strike.  It was built for George Pullman as a place to produce the famous Pullman sleeping cars.

By developing a total environment, superior to that available to the working class elsewhere, Pullman hoped to attract the most skilled workers to build his luxury rail cars, and to attain greater productivity as a result of the better health and spirit of his employees.

Construction of the town was executed by Pullman employees. Structures were made of brick, fashioned from clay found in Lake Calumet.   This project was one of the first applications of industrial technology and mass production in the construction of a large-scale housing development. The town of more than 1,000 homes and public buildings was completed by 1884.

Each dwelling was provided with gas and water, access to complete sanitary facilities, and abundant quantities of sunlight and fresh air. Front and back yards provided personal green space, while expansive parks and open lands provided larger, shared ones. Maintenance of the residences was included in the rental prices, as was daily garbage pickup.

In 2021 the National Park Service opened the new $35 million Pullman National Monument visitor center (seen above).  Built in 1880, the Administration Clock Tower Building formed the central mass of a monumental structure seven hundred feet long. As the manufacturing center of Pullman, the Administration and Factory Complex was an unusually ornate industrial building designed to sit in a park-like setting.  The visitor center contains an exhibit area.

The Pullman Historic District was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1969, declared a National Historic Landmark in 1970, and named a National Monument in 2015, making it a component of the National Park System.

It should be a great day.  You will be seeing beautiful homes, selected public buildings, exhibits and a video on the history of this unique landmark district, enjoying music, food, antique cars (Sunday only), and so much more.

For more information about Pullman see

YouTube Video about the 2021 Pullman House Tour

The History of Pullman

Pullman History Site Map

A Look at the Pullman National Monument

Websites about Pullman



There are no restaurants in the Pullman Historic District.  A Culvers and a Potbelly Sandwich Shop are a half-mile from Pullman that we will stop at for a quick lunch.  If you want to bring your own lunch, after we drop folks off at Culvers and Potbelly,  the bus will drop you off at a park in Pullman that has tables where you can eat your lunch. 

Be sure to bring snacks and water for the rest of your day at Pullman.




Registration Fee:  The registration fee for members is $79 which includes the bus and driver's tip and your ticket for the house tour.   Lunch is not included in the registration fee.   Non-member guests pay an additional $16 registration fee.

Registration Policy:  No refunds will be issued after  September 8 unless there are extenuating circumstances.  We encourage you to register early so we know if we have enough people to make the trip financially feasible.

Dress Appropriately:    You will be spending most of the afternoon outside so dress appropriately for the weather (i.e., comfortable, closed-toed shoes, umbrellas, raincoats, jackets, hats and gloves).

Accessibility Policy:   On the bus, you must be able to climb steps to board and exit the bus.  If you need assistance, we require that you bring a friend to give you a hand.  The houses that you will be visiting were built in the late 19th century, have many steps, and are not very accessibility friendly.

Non-Member Policy:   Members must register their guests. Each PLATO member is entitled to bring one non-member guest per bus trip. Members may bring more than one guest near the registration deadline date if seats are available. Check with trip organizer.  Non-member guests pay an additional $16 registration fee.

PLATO Membership:  PLATO membership is $60.00/year and all memberships renew on July 1. 

Mail-In Registration Form:  Print, Fill-in, and Mail this Form  -  for those who wish to register off-line and by check.


Bus and Travel Details

We will have a 56-passenger Van Galder/CoachUSA bus.  Please arrive early at your boarding stop so you don’t miss the bus.  When everyone is aboard and seated, we leave.  Arrive early and we will all arrive at our destination on time to begin our adventure.

– Don’t be late.  We can wait just 5 minutes at any one location.

Our bus is equipped with WiFi and toilet facilities. 

- Social Distancing will not be available on the bus.

Leaving Madison

7:15 AM   Westside: Bus arrives for boarding at Oakwood University Woods

7:30 AM   Westside: Bus departs from Oakwood University Woods

7:50 AM   Central: Bus departs from Capitol Lakes

8:15 AM   Eastside: Bus departs East Towne Sears (across from Culvers)

Lunch Stop

11:15 AM   Arrive at Culvers/Potbelly Sandwich Shop

11:55 AM   Depart Culvers/PotBelly

Pullman Historic Monument
12:00 PM   Arrive  Pullman

4:00 PM   Depart Pullman for Madison

Arrive Madison (Estimated)

7:00 PM   Bus returns to East Towne Sears

7:20 PM  Bus returns to Capitol Lakes

7:45 PM   Bus returns to Oakwood University Woods

For further information, contact the trip organizers:

Bob Shaw, robert.e.shaw@gmail.com or 608-255-3486 

Marsha Janota, marshflowr@gmail.com or 608-442-7676

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