PLATO offers non-credit, participatory courses meant for seniors who want to continue learning, sharing and making new friends. The content and format of PLATO courses are determined by volunteer Course Coordinators and course participants.  Any PLATO member can propose and coordinate a course.


For all in-person courses, coordinators and participants are required to observe social distancing guidelines and wear masks when inside any of our host locations at all times. Coordinators and participants must follow the host location’s additional COVID-19 Protocols.

At this time both Capitol Lakes and Oakwood have additional protocols:

  • Capitol Lakes requires all people entering their building to bring a copy of their COVID-19 vaccination card.
  • Oakwood requires all people entering their building to register at the Accushield kiosk. The only entrance open at Oakwood is the main entrance at the Heritage Oaks doors. PDF map of entrance location at complex.

    Lets make PLATO pleasant for everybody

    PLATO is “where love of learning never gets old”. Our courses, coordinators, and participants contribute to this idea in a significant way. Members bring to the courses many different experiences and opinions.

    But in our present day polarized society sometimes it is hard to listen to opinions that are opposite to our own deeply held views.  We strive to make PLATO courses a space where members can discuss diverse viewpoints. Through these discussions we continue to learn from each other and expand or clarify our views.  So, we ask everyone one to:

    • Welcome the outside perspectives even if they are different than yours.
    • Be serious listeners and be courteous to all members and their opinions.

    If you are in Virtual course, remember that if your microphone and video are on, participants in the class can see and hear you.  So please turn off your microphone and your video when you are not participating in the class.

    Thank you for helping PLATO courses be a pleasant experience for all.

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    PLATO is proudly supported in part by Oakwood Village.

    PLATO is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in association with:

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