PLATO offers non-credit, participatory courses meant for seniors who want to continue learning, sharing and making new friends. The content and format of PLATO courses are determined by volunteer Course Coordinators and course participants.  Any PLATO member can propose and coordinate a course.


For all in-person courses, coordinators and participants are required to observe social distancing guidelines and wear masks when inside any of our host locations at all times. Coordinators and participants must follow the host location’s additional COVID-19 Protocols.

At this time both Capitol Lakes and Oakwood have additional protocols:

  • Capitol Lakes requires all people entering their building to bring a copy of their COVID-19 vaccination card.
  • Oakwood requires all people entering their building to register at the Accushield kiosk. The only entrance open at Oakwood is the main entrance at the Heritage Oaks doors. PDF map of entrance location at complex.

    Course Cancellations

    Contemporary Economic Issues Chuck Karabin
    Where is Everybody?  Don Reeder

    A Time to Say Thank You

    PLATO is a volunteer organization.  We always need volunteers to coordinate courses.  Without those coordinators, we would lose one of our main reasons to be.  In the past, we have been able to thank coordinators at a luncheon prior to the Fall semester.  The pandemic has made it impossible to have those gatherings for the past two years.  Nevertheless, we are very grateful to each of you who have chosen to coordinate a course through these challenging days.  Many of you have had to learn new online skills in order to continue your courses.  We thank you for all you have done and are doing to keep the learning alive and well!  You are the lights of our organization!

    We would especially like to thank coordinators who have served us all and have chosen to retire in 2020 or 2021.  We are grateful for your service to the work of PLATO!  You made a difference and we appreciate that.

    In 2020, Greg Bell and Gerry Campbell retired.  Greg coordinated a course entitled, Current Events PM.  Gerry led a course about the Wisconsin Idea.  Thanks to each of you for the time and energy you have given to these important courses.

    This year, 2021, we have even more retirements to announce.  The latest retirees are:  Peter Beatty who led French Conversation, Bruce Gregg who coordinated What in the World Happened, Brent Larson and Leslie Larson who co-led PLATO Travel, Arden Trine who coordinated Managing your Money and Vicki Ford who facilitated Biographies East.  To each of these coordinators we give a hearty round of applause in gratitude for their many hours of service to PLATO. 

    If you are inspired by the volunteer work of these retirees and would like to help make PLATO a success into the future, please take time to fill out a course proposal with an interest or expertise you would like to share.  The form can be found on this curriculum website.

    Thank you again to all of our course coordinators and a special acknowledgment of gratitude to those who have recently retired!

    Paula McKenzie for the Curriculum Committee

    Course Calendar

    PLATO is proudly supported in part by Oakwood Village.

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